Election Equipment

Our in-house election programmers use the Unisyn Voting Solutions software and machines to provide our customers with a complete suite of solutions which provides seamless election management.

Our products support the elections needs of any company or area by providing the following services:

  • Creation and maintenance ballots for specific election events.
  • Formatting and printing of ballots on demand.
  • Programming and maintenance of election equipment.
  • Troubleshooting on-site and by phone for election day.

Our election equipment is not just limited to state and local government needs. There are quite a few organizations we have worked with to program an election for their church, non-profit organization, union and other special interests.

Our ballot readers and scanners arrive at your election site pre-programmed with the information necessary for the election that is going on. These machines, along with your custom ballots, are designed to ensure convenience and a completely stress free event. Thanks to our unique understanding of the election process, you can feel confident that, with our help, you will receive fast and efficient results.

We offer a start-to-finish solution for your election. The success you experience is a direct reflection of the services we provide. Our team fully understands the election process and has the ability to troubleshoot any issues that may arise with the equipment and is totally committed to ensuring that the election you hold is transparent, secure and efficient.

Let our election professional’s work with you to determine the type of equipment that is best suited for your event. Once we understand the scope of your election, we can recommend the equipment, ballots and support for the big day. We also offer training for your staff in regard to the machines and ensure you have everything you need for a successful event.