Providing you with the ballots you need for successful government, private and union elections.

We are an experienced and impartial independent provider for all your professional ballot tabulating needs. By using a proprietary process for tabulating and printing ballots, you can have confidence that your government elections, union elections, board of director elections and private elections are efficient and uncomplicated. We make it easy to ensure the voting process is handled properly, without issue in regard to bias. The streamlined and transparent process offered by Henry M. Adkins & Son Inc. ensures you have a successful and secure election.

How we can help streamline your next election.

Our approach to ballot tabulating and printing is simple. We make sure the voting process you use is fast, consistent, secure and straightforward. Let our election specialists help you plan and execute your next election successfully. In addition to designing, printing and delivering your custom ballot, our team also provides the following services:

  • On-site and phone support on election day
  • Training for your staff
  • Training for poll-workers
  • Equipment repair
  • Signage for election day
  • Custom printing

Why Ballots Matter?

Did you know the quality of your ballot will determine if it can be scanned or tabulated properly? The distinct characteristics of the ballots you receive will be certified based on the system you currently use.

Once you provide the information necessary on your ballot, we will create a custom layout using proprietary software from Unisyn Voting Solutions. Once you approve the layout, we print the ballots with the latest in digital imaging technology. After extensive testing we program the transportable media to load into the voting machines.

Providing Our Customers with Superior Peace of Mind

Our team is made up of more than 20 employees who specialize in different parts of the election process. This provides our clients peace of mind and complete satisfaction knowing that the ballots that have been delivered have been tested thoroughly, inspected and properly prepared for your upcoming election.

There is no one in the industry with the tools, knowledge or experience of Henry M. Adkins & Son Inc. to produce the high-quality ballots that you need.

Our History and Experience

Henry M. Adkins and Son, Inc. (Adkins) was founded in 1939 by Henry Merritt Adkins and has maintained representation in the county government field for over 75 years. In 2011, Adkins became a business partner with Unisyn Voting Solutions, selling and supporting Unisyn voting system products. Our staff has over 100 years of experience in conducting elections and providing quality products and exemplary service to our clients.

Adkins is located at 331 Independence Avenue in Clinton, Missouri (approximately 70 miles SE of Kansas City, MO).